How long does it take for my order to be completed?

Currently, turn around time is 3-4 weeks. This can be more or less depending on availability of supplies and volume of orders.

How soon after I order can I expect an update?

Please expect a layout update 2-2.5 weeks after ordering. This can be more or less depending on availability of supplies and volume of orders.

How do I Clean My Decoden Case?

Handle with care and DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER. Use cleaning/sanitizing wipes to clean the crevices of your case. Avoid over saturating the button pins with liquid.

Can I Custom order?

I ONLY create custom cases, I do not hold any stock; please add the custom listing to your cart and fill out the form to place your order. In the form you will be asked to include the type of device as well as characters and colors desired on the case.

What is the difference between the Regular  & the Extra Protective Cases?

Extra protective cases are made with Otterbox Symmetry Series or equivalent case. these cases are recommended for those who would like their phone protected against drops and falls.

How do I fit that in my pocket?

It fits :)

Can I have my custom case be of any character?

Yes! Even original characters! Please remember that any fan art must have approval from the artist.

Can I order a design I saw on social media?

I can definitely remake any past designs on your device! Please understand that I might not be able to exactly recreate a design, as some decorative may be limited.

What is your policy on custom fees & lost, stolen, or delayed shipments?

Kawaii Decoden Cases is not responsible for any lost, stolen, delayed packages, or any fees incurred upon international import. You’ll be held responsible for the shipping fees of your purchases and any return fees if you refuse a shipment from Kawaii Decoden Cases.

Some pieces came off my phone case! What do I do?

Please use fusing superglue to reattach any loose pieces and/or whip. Unfortunately, the initial application directly to the cream works well for some materials and not others. Once it is applied with super glue it will not come off again. Hope this helps!

I have a rare phone/tablet, can I still order a custom case?

Yes! My custom decoden cases can be made for any device as long as cases for it exist

How durable are your Decoden cases?

They are pretty durable; however, it is suggested to not use them regularly to preserve the cream and charms on it! Regular use can happen, just be aware that these cases by nature are a little more delicate.